Common Woman Chorus Repertoire and Milestones

Our repertoire is as diverse as we are.
The Chorus

  • Performed trailblazing women's music icon Holly Near's I AIN'T AFRAID at a Human Rights Campaign Fund gospel gathering.
  • Common Woman Chorus - Sing for the CureCelebrated our heroes at a Women and Creativity conference at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's Art and Culture at Duke University with a performance of Ann Reed's HEROES.
  • Inspired residents of battered women's shelters with affirming songs such as Libby Roderick's HOW COULD ANYONE?, which asks How could anyone ever tell you you were anything less than beautiful? How could anyone ever tell you you were less than whole? How could anyone fail to notice that your loving is a miracle? How deeply you're connected to my soul.
  • Sang love songs at Valentine's dances we co-hosted with the Ruby Slipper Dance Asylum to raise funds for Lovers in Exile, a non-profit group supporting LGBT couples separated by the inequalities of our current domestic immigration policies.
  • Premiered composer Diane Benjamin's WHERE I LIVE: A BREAST CANCER ORATORIO as part of our RAISING OUR VOICES: A BREAST CANCER BENEFIT concert, which raised over $9,000 for The Breast Cancer Resource Directory of NC, a publication that was distributed free of charge to every patient diagnosed with breast cancer in the state.
  • Performed Fred Small's EVERYTHING POSSIBLE at a Unitarian Universalist event that imagined a world in which people are bound by love, not differences.
  • Celebrated marriage equality with love songs and a same-sex marriage ceremony performed at our LOVE AND MARRIAGE concert, where local religious leaders from the NC Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality read the declaration of faith that they had recently presented to the NC General Assembly.
  • Stopped reflective audiences in their tracks with Ysaye Barnwell's "Would You Harbor Me?".
  • Took the stage with the Triangle Gay Men's Chorus to premiere, at the state level, SING FOR THE CURE, a Susan G. Komen for the Cure--commissioned piece that emphasizes the importance of curing breast cancer.
  • Hosted a peace and justice concert that included informational tables set up by CODE PINK and the ASPCA.
  • Hosted a community creativity concert that featured the work of local artists
  • Reduced our audience to uncontainable laughter with songs we adapted for MENOPAUSE: A MENSTRUAL SHOW.

Hey, we've been around for nearly 30 years now and our music library is filled with inspiring music. Isn't it time you added your voice to our mix?

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